Want more  from your doctor without the high cost?


Think Direct Primary Care  (DPC)

                       Think DIME Medical

You get so much for so little.  

It's like having a doctor in your family!

What do You Get with 

DIME Medical DPC Membership?

  • NO CHARGE: visits, procedures, & in-office tests
  • Acute illness & Chronic disease management
  • 24/7 contact with YOUR DOCTOR by phone, text, email & virtual home-visits on phone / computer      
  • Inexpensive LABS - heavily discounted to 1/10th of what they would cost at traditional clinics
  • A doctor who cares about you AND what it costs you for that care!  It's your health, you make the decisions.  We are here to advise and care for you!
  • Help with finding low cost medicines, tests, and services even when needed OUTSIDE of the clinic.  We know cost matters!
  • No time commitment - Try us for even just 1month!

Find out more at Membership services.  

Already have insurance so why pay for DIME Medical DPC?

You could SAVE money with your current insurance policy by NOT using it   OR    may save by switching to a different insurance policy and coupling with membership in DIME Medical.

HOW?   See our Is DPC the Right Choice?

So What Does it Cost?

Our fee system is simple and is a membership model - you pay your membership fee and pay for virtually nothing else in-clinic:

Adult $50 per month (only $600 per year)

Child $25 per month (only $300 per year)

Family $150 per month (only $1,800 per year)

Advance-pay Discounts 

There is a $35 registration fee one time for each member.

(with a maximum family registration fee of $100 total)

NO obligation time commitment. 

 Join for one month or longer, 

- It is up to you!  

Some exclusions apply due to laws and noncompete contract.

LEARN MORE- Membership Prices

*****REVIEWS *****


"New concept in medical treatment. Affordable and a great personalized Dr.! Check it out. I have insurance but could still go there for much less. This could be the answer to our high medical costs!"


"My family and I use this and it is amazing! Great family feel going to the clinic along with having access to Dr. Mike over weekends for example when the little ones come down with those constant ear infections. I would highly recommend to anyone. Low monthly fee for families as well."


"You answered all of my questions and also took blood sample right in your office the same day. Was very helpful to not make a second appointment for Blood Draw. Also the cost of test needed where extremely reasonable. I have and will continue to explain the new clinic and refer people. Thank you for what you are doing for myself and the community."


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"I started DIME Medical DPC because I believe having a doctor should be both affordable and readily available to the average working person.  You should NOT need insurance for it, and you should know how much it will cost you right up front.

     DPC makes that possible in healthy times and at times of sickness 

----- at a known, constant, affordable price."

              - Dr. Michael Robiolio, MD

                     Family Physician

 Direct Primary Care (DPC)

at DIME Medical !

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

EMPLOYERS can save money on employee health, too!

Pay your doctor directly and SAVE! with DPC!

Convenient Office Hours downtown, right on Main Street!

Monday 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Tuesday 2-5 PM & 6:15-8:15PM

Wednesday 2-4 PM & 5-8 PM

Thursday CLOSED

Friday 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday CLOSED

Members have 24 hr / 7 day access to their doctor by phone, email, text, . . . 

and video virtual-visits while at home or on the road!

with a MEMBER-ONLY phone number & email. 

So the doc is never far-away!

Learn more ABOUT US

Map our location or contact us.

During Construction April through November 2021

Main street will have NO PARKING.

Initially Northbound lane will be closed and southbound lane will be TWO WAY, then lanes will reverse places in about July.

We will maintain our FRONT entrance (except during days of side-walk closure) BUT will also maintain OUR BACK ENTRANCE to DIME Medical whose outer door is shared with FURST Staffing.

Our back Entrance may be accessed by the road behind the row of buildings and is contiguous with the City parking lot across from Annie'​s restaurant. (This road has been marked ONE WAY (southbound or downhill only, as per map to the right).

Our back entrance appears as the picture to the right.

For those with difficulty walking the ramp - please call us in the clinic at (608) 482-2005 as we have a wheelchair.

Given closeness to parking in the rear this MAY BE your preferred entrance.

Both the OUTER and INNER back doors will be open during working hours and a doorbell is present at the outer door in event it is locked or assistance is needed.