DPC is often a more affordable choice particularly for the uninsured or high deductible insured or for those with a healthshare plan. It may even be cheaper for those with "good" insurance when all the discounts and cost awareness are taken into account!

Direct Primary Care is NOT Health Insurance and some form of health-insurance or healthshare plan is advised for the big items like hospitalization or surgery - but this type of insurance can cost far less 

even with DPC costs added in!

A Word to the Wise

HMO insurance (Health Maintenance Organization) is generally NOT the best coupling with DPC.  Why?  

Most HMO's restrict ALL ORDERS to their own doctors.  As a DPC, we do NOT participate in their plan, so we are NOT considered one of their doctors.  Thus, if you need to use your HMO insurance outside of DIME Medical -- as for example getting an Xray ordered by our doctor -- your insurance will not generally pay for it -- because our doctor is not one of their participating doctors.  This generally does NOT happen with non-HMO insurance, who respect the orders of all doctors.

DPC can be more affordable when coupled with right insurance or Healthshare plan!

The following links are NOT related to DIME Medical and we do not regulate content - information purposes only.  Clicking on any will take you outside DIME Medical site:   Regarding Healthshares

1. 5 Best Health Sharing Plans as an Alternative to Insurance - from the Well Kept Wallet - https://wellkeptwallet.com/health-sharing-plans/

2. HSA forAmerica  https://www.healthshare.hsaforamerica.com/ 

Broker who carries several healthshare plans.

Direct sites for some Healthshares:

3. CURO Catholic healthshare - https://cmfcuro.com/

4. Samaritan Christian healthshare - https://www.samaritanministries.org/

5. Liberty Christian healthshare - https://www.libertyhealthshare.org/

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