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How to Provide Employees Healthcare as Small Business

     “I’m Patrick Murrow and I own a small business in Houston called Structure Roof & Wall Solutions. It is a struggle just staying on top of all the business details because there’s way always more to do than then there’s time to do it all. I’ve hired a lot of employees in the past three years so that’s helped take a big burden off of me. But there’s always the struggle of finding and keeping good help. I think that’s where the health care comes in because it’s a big perk that people are looking for.

     “I first heard about direct primary care when I was listening to a conservative talk radio show years ago. We knew it was the solution for us, so we signed up with First Primary. In fact, it’s so good we actually pitch direct primary care in interviews now. We tell them, “Not only do we have health care, we have something better than health care. You can text your doctor at nine o’clock at night.” That’s a big deal for people! And they’re floored when we tell them more about it. I mean, they’ve never heard of anything like this – real health CARE, not just insurance.



As an employer consider how DPC can save you money while providing your employees with solid health benefits!  This 4 and 1/2 min video will give a brief explanation.

Employers:  How Does Direct Primary Care 

save YOU Money? Dr. Savage at "Your Choice" DPC

Get past the 1st min of the video and it will be worth your while to watch this whole 23 min video!  Even with "good" insurance, this video shows how money can be saved by switching to DPC and LESS costly insurance or healthshare or other!  See why the "Platinum" or "Gold plan" is NOT a good deal for anyone!

Why Direct Primary Care? From Pioneer Dr. Josh Umbehr

Just as Netflix eclipsed Blockbuster, Direct Primary Care is changing the way we receive healthcare!

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a newer innovative system of office-based doctor care that does NOT use insurance but is affordable to employers of all sizes!

Care is provided on a membership basis. As members your employees have access to all of the services which are either without additional cost OR at a very minimal additional cost.

AND they get contact with their doctor 24/7 for any questions or concerns and even virtual on screen visits!

DPC is often a more affordable choice for employers even when coupled with high deductible insurance or healthshare plans.

But may even be cheaper than "good" insurance when all the discounts and cost awareness are taken into account!

Compare DPC to traditional medical insurance-based clinics

by looking at the table.

Direct Primary Care is NOT Health Insurance and some form of health-insurance or healthshare plan is advised for the big items like hospitalization or surgery - but this type of insurance can cost far less even with DPC costs added in!

Think about it, how can Insurance be cheaper - when it must account for the salaries and benefits of the employees (both at the insurance company AND at the doctors office) just to move the money around AND any profit the insurance company plans to make VS paying directly the doctor who provides the care and does NOT have all those overhead expenses?

Also see Health Rosetta at


Benefits of DPC practice to providing cost effective health benefits to your employees!

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