Direct Primary Care Explained

Making your healthcare easy and affordable.  NOT insurance but saving you money with ability to reduce cost of insurance by choosing higher deductibles without giving up care with your primary doctor!  Personal and Direct Care!  Growing national movement in healthcare!

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a newer innovative system of office based doctor care that does NOT use insurance but is affordable to the average working individual and family!

Care is provided on a membership basis.  As a member you have access to all of the services which are either without additional cost OR at a very minimal additional cost.

AND you get contact with your doctor directly (not just a nurse call line) 24/7 for any questions or concerns!

If you have been willing to pay your insurance company for care you may never get or even need, why not pay your doctor directly for care you do get and are likely to need -- and SAVE!   The even monthly payments allow you to know and budget the majority of your doctor expenses for the year.

How can Insurance be cheaper?

Think about it, how can Insurance be cheaper? - when it must account for the salaries and benefits of the employees (at BOTH the insurance company and at the doctors office) just to move the money around   AND 

any profit the insurance company plans to make as well as paying for the medical care 

---  as opposed to paying the doctor directly 

who provides the care but does NOT have all those overhead expenses?

How Does Direct Primary Care save YOU Money?

Dr. Savage at "Your Choice" DPC.

Get past the 1st min of the video and it will be worth your while to watch this whole 23 min video!   Dr. Chad Savage presents as point by point analysis of the third party payer model versus DPC. In his comedic style, the data comes alive as the shocking realities leap off the screen. Ending the cost drivers in the insurance model is not only good for doctors, but life changing for patients.

Short Version:   Best single segment 9:00-19:00 (10 min)  Nonprofits 

Direct Primary Care Physician news story

Works for many.  One Mom's perspective of how DPC has helped she and her family!  1 min 55 sec video.

Note:  Countering "expert's" concern:  DPC provides MORE service to families at time seen and outside of visits because of increased access.  Insurance wise, Healthshare plans DO cover area between primary care office and the catastrophic level.  Finally, insurance companies given incentive WILL come up with better policies at lower prices to couple with DPC - just have not had need...until now!

More details of Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Primary Care doctor who is more available to you while saving you money!  

Remove the middleman and reconnect with your doctor.

It all makes sense!

3 min 53 sec video

Direct Primary Care Coalition

Find out more about Direct Primary care at the the Direct Primary Care Coalition web site: