Membership Prices


"Your doctor, affordable on your own dime!" 

Adult $50 per month (only $600 per year)

Child $25 per month (only $300 per year)

Family $150 per month (only $1,800 per year)

There is a ONE TIME $35 registration fee for each member.

(maximum family registration of $100 total)

How do we do it?  By cutting out the middleman - insurance!

Advance pay Discounts 

on Membership fee:

5% when paying for the full year, 

2.5% when paying for 6 months at a time, 

1% when paying for 3 months at at time

"Adult" = greater than 18 years of age, OR child < 18 years of age with NO adult membership accompanying.  "Child" = less than 18 years of age with a separate Legally responsible adult membership accompanying.  "Family" = 2 adult legal parents and their children from 2 to 4 in number, additional children $10 / mo.  

(Some limits may apply)

Benefits of Maintaining Membership

This is a no obligation time commitment. 

 Join for only one month or for longer.  Your choice.

However, the registration fee applies for re-registration after an expired membership.

Additionally, our patient membership limit at this time is 300 members in order to ensure appropriate time & availability for members.

Any prospective members beyond 300 will be placed on a waiting list. 

 Hence, in not maintaining membership, you may lose the ability to re-establish membership due to nonavailability.

While we prefer electronic automatic bank deduction or credit card charge monthly,

you may pay your membership by mail, by phone, or in person.


1. In 2020 we DO accept Medicare patients but not Medicare insurance. Due to a potential conflict with Medicare laws while Dr. Robiolio is a participating Medicare Provider at Memorial Hospital, Medicare members will be entitled to all membership included services that do not require any fees, but NO services that require additional fees.  Thus, labs will be ordered to be performed at a lab accepting Medicare terms and payments.

2. We cannot accept any Wisconsin Medicaid (Badger Care, Forward, etc) due to laws that prohibit charging anything for medical care with this insurance.

3. Due to a noncompete contract, we cannot accept anyone:

  • who has been seen within the past 12 months by Dr. Robiolio at Memorial Hospital Clinics AND...
  • AND who has Low-deductible insurance (see below) or Medicare.

NO RESTRICTIONS for Anyone who has NO prior relationship with Dr. Robiolio, OR...

OR who is UNinsured, even if seen recently by Dr. Robiolio

OR who has "High-deductible insurance", even if seen recently by Dr. Robiolio

High deductible insurance is currently defined by the IRS

For 2020, the IRS defines a high deductible health plan as any plan with a deductible of at least 

$1,400 for an individual or $2,800 for a family. 

Low-deductible insurance is anything that is NOT high-deductible.


 Call, email, or visit our clinic and ask! We are happy to help!