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April 27, 2020, Tammy Martin recommends DIME Medical.

DIME works perfectly for my husband. The prices for lab work are extremely reasonable and Dr Mike is so knowledgeable!

Dec 29, 2019 (facebook page Michael Robiolio, post comment)

Lois Savage: Doctor Robiolio is an excellent physician who practices the long extinct personalized patient care! A long time area physician, his practice is based on the model of quality care for an affordable price! He is the best family physician that I have had since ‘54... back in the day when doctors were independent of insurance regulations. That’s exactly what his philosophy is... Check DIME out. You will be on the way to a Happy and Healthy New Year! And, yes! He is my physician who guided me to be diabetic free in a VERY SHORT TIME! I highly recommend him. You can contact me if you wish. I not an employee or a relative. Just a Grandma who is fortunate to be his patient!


June 21, 2019 (patient email)

I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the care provided at Dime Medical.  The perfect example was at my last appointment when I wanted to talk about blood work I needed for an upcoming appointment I have with the Heart doctor in Madison.

You answered all of my questions and also took blood sample right in your office the same day.  Was very helpful to not make a second appointment for Blood Draw.  Also the cost of test needed where extremely reasonable.  I have and will continue to explain the new clinic and refer people.  Thank you for what you are doing for myself and the community.  Thanks Dr. Mike,

-Gary Jenkins

June 9, 2019 (Facebook page)

"Both myself and my husband have been and are both happy we like that the price is a lot lower than going to any other clinic." -Linda Burke

May 31, 2019

From Comment on May 31 post facebook

"The Facts About Direct Primary Care"

"My family and I use this and it is amazing! Great family feel going to the clinic along with having access to Dr. Mike over weekends for example when the little ones come down with those constant ear infections. I would highly recommend to anyone. Low monthly fee for families as well."

-Samatha Edge

March 26, 2019 ·(facebook page)

"New concept in medical treatment. Affordable and a great personalized Dr.! Check it out. I have insurance but could still go there for much less. This could be the answer to our high medical costs!"- Rita Weigel

January 18, 2019 ·(facebook page)

"Great staff and prices. Strongly recommend anyone with high deductible insurance (or no insurance) give them a chance."

- Cliff Burgess

January 10, 2019 ·(facebook page)

"fast PERSONALIZED service. A new concept for Health care in our area. If you have high deductible insurance, please take a look!" - David Merriam


Q.  Do I have to join for any length of time?

A:  No.  Membership can be for one month or many months or years.  It is your choice.  If however, you do not maintain your membership then, space permitting, you may rejoin but will have to pay another registration fee.  Additionally, if capacity is reached in the number of members, then no more members will be accepted until a space opens up.  Anyone wishing to join will then be placed on a waiting list.

Amended 6/9/19:  New primary family members (new birth or adoption) may be added to existing family membership even if at capacity.  Temporary out of town visitors may also be given temporary membership if space/time available and permits without interfering with full members' access.


Q:  What do I do when the clinic is closed?

A:  Dr. Robiolio is available to members 7 days a week and 24hrs per day by phone, email, texting, and in some cases web cam.  This is a membership benefit.